Video Templates

HootVid’s template library is the key to generating high-quality video ads, in a fraction of the time. As HootVid grows, so will your template library through constant new templates and user-generated requests! If you have a template type that you don’t see in the platform today, send a support ticket or reach out to your sales rep so we can get it created for you. The template library consists of templates of different lengths, categories, and design aesthetics.

In our legacy application Hoot Automotive, dynamic video requests/setups consisted of two parts:

  1. Templates

    1. Style, creative direction, etc.

    2. Creative assets and logos

  2. Ad Versions

    1. Filtering, distribution, etc.

In HootVid, the Template and Ad Versions have been combined into individual ad units. Within these ad units, more agency is granted to the users as well. Toggle templates from newest to oldest, search query for a specific design title or tag, or filter by category, length, or tag to find the perfect ad for your campaign.