HootVid Billing

HootVid billing activations are based on active advertisers and not active ads. Activated advertisers will be treated as active for 30 days without any active ads, and then will be automatically deactivated (this will be accompanied by email alerts).

Discount Tiers

Hoot wants to incentivize agencies to add more advertisers and run more ads utilizing our product. As such, we offer discounted CPM rates as the cumulative impressions across all advertisers within an account reach certain thresholds.

Agency accounts are not locked into a certain rates indefinitely, the CPM rate is determined each billing cycle based on total impressions within that billing cycle.


CPM Rate

Monthly Impressions – overall account level

Monthly Minimum Per Advertiser


CPM Rate

Monthly Impressions – overall account level

Monthly Minimum Per Advertiser

T1 (Default Tier)




















Advertiser Monthly Minimum $300

Each advertiser will be billed either the calculated CPM fees or the monthly minimum, whichever is greater.

CPM Tiers

CPM tiers are based on the combined impressions across all advertisers in the client account. For example, if three advertisers each had 100,000 impressions, then all would qualify for the Tier 2 CPM because the total (300,000 imps) exceeded the Tier 2 minimum (250,000 imps).

Payment Terms

Each billing period’s fees will be invoiced at the beginning of following month. Invoice payments are due upon receipt. We do not prorate fees for partial months.

Training & Support

Training for new users and ongoing support is included in the cost of the service. Training is provided via remote web conferencing. Support is available M-F via email between the hours of 8am and 5pm Central time.

Dynamic Video Add-Ons

  • Voice-Over: $150 one-time fee

  • Non-Automotive Website Indexing: $100 per month

  • Automotive Website Indexing: Included

Billing FAQs

A: Yes, but only if the advertiser is active. Simply creating an advertiser will not trigger any billing.

A: No, the monthly minimum is a “minimum” that you can spend per advertiser and not a fee added onto the CPM rate. At the end of the billing cycle, the cumulative impression from all ads within an advertiser are added up used to calculate your bill. If this number is below $300, you are charged $300 as the minimum. If the number is above $300, you are charged just that amount and not an additional $300.

A: CPM rate is calculated by inserting your cumulative impressions and your CPM rate into the following standard CPM formula. (Impressions/1000) x CPM = Final Bill