Dynamic Video Migration

Hoot Monitor Legacy Video Sunset

The first phase of mandatory transition from our legacy video platform, Hoot Monitor to the new HootVid platform occurred on October 1, 2023.

What changed on October 1st?

Starting on October 1, new video template requests for new advertisers will no longer be accepted in the legacy platform. Instead, dynamic video ads for new advertisers will need to be created in HootVid exclusively. Your Hoot account manager should have already introduced your team to the new platform and explained the new simplified process for setting up dynamic video ads. If this has not occurred, please contact your account manager immediately to schedule a review call.

When will we be required to migrate existing advertisers to HootVid? 

Dynamic video ads for existing advertisers in the legacy platform will continue to function normally. No action or additional attention will be needed from your team. Furthermore, you will still be able to create new Ad Versions for these existing advertisers. Only new template requests for new advertisers will be affected. 

We are not setting a hard date for the complete deprecation of the legacy video platform at this time. We intend to wait until natural churn diminishes the number of existing advertisers running on the legacy platform, thus reducing the migration burden on your team. Regardless of churn rates, we can assure you such a change will not occur before January 1, 2024.

Migrating Existing Dynamic Videos to HootVid:

While migration of your existing dynamic videos from the legacy video platform to HootVid isn’t required, it can still be done proactively via the following steps:


Website indexing will now be done via support request. See the above section for more information.

If your legacy template isn’t available in the HootVid library, or if you require a custom template to accommodate your video request, please contact your account manager.