Image Classification FAQ

How often are the images classified? The process runs daily the SRPscrape has finished

Are all vehicles processed daily? Previous classified vehicle results are cached, stored, and retained for use until a change has been identified on that vehicle. All new vehicles are classified once they have entered the ML server.

Does inventory status does not affect image classification? No, if we have scraped and found the vehicle to be present in the inventory there is no analysis performed to verify vehicle in pending delivery, on order, etc.

Do we guarantee results to be 100% accurate? Unfortunately, we can not guarantee results because of the external influences in CMS and image manipulation. We will retrain the model when needed or bulk issues are being identified. Our goal for accuracy ranges 90 - 100% with external factors included.

What is an ImageKey? These are identifying factors associated with an image stored on the ML servers used to alert the system when a potential change has taken place with an image. Some websites change image links and headers daily causing the system to run previously saved images even though the images may have actually not changed.

Do my manual changes to image classifications overwrite the classification process? In many cases yes. However, if for some reason the image key changes we will re-review and classify the image even if a user has manually changed an image.