Client API


The client API was first introduced through client request to have a programmatic way to obtain data from our system. There were 3 specific use cases outlined in the development of this feature and two iterations.

The first was to support the ability to pull Video Ad Version Impression Data to provide detailed Vin Level Impression reports for each Video Ad Version created for the Advertiser.


The Second was to support to Agency wide daily data requests:

  1. Daily Inventory Information Listed By Advertiser

  2. Daily Sold report to provide a list of yesterday’s sold inventory


All the API calls return data scoped to the client that is sending the request, in order to access the data, the user must authenticate with the client_id and an automatically generated token that they must request to the dev team.

The first iteration of the Client API gave access to the following data:

  • Advertisers data

  • Video Template

  • Ad Versions

  • Videos Uploaded

In the second iteration report queuing system was added in order for the clients to request client_wide or consolidated reports.

  • Queue operations

  • Download reports

All of the client endpoints are under the<EndPoint>.

In order to access them you have to authenticate using Basic Auth with user:<client_id> and password:<token>. The request for a token is a manual request. Please submit requests to and we will provide your credentials within 24 hours of receipt.