Adding Advertisers/Features

Adding advertisers is quick and easy following the Add Advertiser 1-5.

  1. Navigate to the Advertiser Dashboard

  2. Click the Add Advertiser button in the top right. 


  1. Fill out the required fields in step 1.

Note, all fields are mandatory except Advertiser DBA and GMB Store Code.

Add Advertiser 2

  1. Choose “Dynamic Display Feeds” and/or “Dynamic Video Ads” and/or “Adwords Search Integration”.  Use the links below to quickly navigate to specific feature setups.

Dynamic Display Feeds Setup - Step 3

Adwords Search Integration Setup - Step 4

Add Advertiser 3

Dynamic Display Feeds Setup. This step is optional when setting up Dynamic Display. Inventory feeds will be enabled by turning the feature on in step 2. This step is to configure the remarketing scripts for Facebook and Google Ads. Hoot uses an existing GTM container to install remarketing scripts on the advertiser’s Google Tags/Facebook Pixels.

You do not need both Pixel ID and Conversion ID, unless both script installations are desired.


Add Advertiser 4

Adwords Search Integration Setup. Provide the advertiser’s AdWords Customer ID, and enable Ad Customizers if this feature addon is desired.

Add Advertiser 5

Under the Special request query section; Users can make special requests or configurations for a specific dealer.