Facebook Display Catalog Setup

Please find the steps below that outline the integration of Feeds Into Facebook. Want to see the video instead click here.

Step 1: On your Hoot Interactive Advertiser dashboard, click on add Advertiser “+Advertiser” button to begin your setup.


Step 2: Fill out Advertiser Details


(All details are required to be filled in except for Advertiser DBA, GMB store code and Google Place ID)

Step 3: Once you have filled out your Advertiser Details, you will turn on the Feature you would like to use. In this setup, it would be enabling the Dynamic Display Feeds. Here you will go to Tab 2 “Features” and toggle the button from gray to blue to activate.

Step 4 (Optional):  Within Section 3 in the Advertiser Details is the setup for Retargeting. Here you can  fill out the corresponding fields and request script installations as needed.

Step 5: Save and Continue

*Now allow time for your feed to be configured from our team and  you will be notified once feeds are ready and available in the Hoot platform*

Step 6: Once you are notified that your feed is ready you will go to your Inventory Feeds tab in the Hoot UI

You can shortcut get there by clicking on the broadcast icon our advertiser dashboard


Step 7: Copy your Facebook Default Feed onto your clipboard by clicking the icon shown below.

Step 8: Once your feed is copied, you will go to your Commerce Manager on Facebook and add a new catalog.

Step 9: Select Catalog type → Auto → Vehicles then press NEXT

Step 10: Make sure that your catalog owner is set to your account and that you name your catalog something to identify it. Then click Create.

Step 11: Once your catalog is created, click “View Catalog”

Step 12: When you click View Catalog, it will bring you to your catalog overview.

Select Data Sources to continue the feed setup.

Step 13: On the prompt “Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file?” Select “Yes”

Following this, you will upload and Copy and Paste your feed link into the file upload

*note  that the save Login Details section is optional*

Step 14: Schedule your Feed Updates. (Early morning is recommended so it won't interfere with any website updates/ maintenance from the website provider.)

Step15: Confirm your Feed Upload.

Step16: Once your inventory is uploaded, if you  have Pixel to setup and ready to add, click on Events.

When you are in Events section, click on “connect to tracking” section

Once you connect, you will see a list of Pixels associated to your Dealer. Toggle on the one related to your feed.