Configure your advertiser’s Facebook Account for Dynamic Video

Within the video ads tab for an advertiser, you are able to configure a Facebook Ad Account for Dynamic Video integration.

In order to set up this integration:

Navigate to the video ads tab for the advertiser by clicking the blue video ads icon. Click the “Configure Accounts,” button at the top right.

You will need to provide both the Facebook Ad Account ID and the Facebook Business Page ID. Once you hit submit, requests will be sent for access to both assets. This access request for both the page and ad account must be proactively approved by you or your client. (note: the request for access may not be sent immediately, expect to see the request within 24 hours).

Once the request is approved, you will be able to assign individual Facebook Ad sets to different video ad versions. It is a good practice to build your campaign structure within Facebook before creating your ad versions in the Hoot interface. This way, your ad versions IDs will be ready to use when creating ad versions. 

Additional notes on using dynamic video on Facebook: Make sure to choose a campaign objective that supports an ad with a single video file. The list of these campaign objectives can be found here: However, you will want to avoid choosing “Lead Generation,” as this objective is not currently supported by our Dynamic Video product.