Creating a Dynamic Video Template

To request a new dynamic video template, simply follow these steps:

Navigate to the video ads tab by clicking on the advertiser’s blue video ads icon. Then, click the “Create Template,” button.

Enter a Name and Description (These are for your record keeping and are editable at any point in time). Define how many products will appear in the ad with the “Number of Records,” selector.

Choose the format of dynamic video ad you wish to utilize. If you have an existing video asset for your dynamic video ad, choose “Companion Video Ad.” If you do not have an existing video asset, choose “Digital Asset Ad.” You now have the option to select from and edit several Library templates, or choose “Custom Template.” If you choose a library option, all of the design fields are optional. If left blank, our team will use their best discretion when setting up the template. In the case of Companion Video templates, the one required field is “Video Upload,” which can be found under “General Design Choices,” for library templates. In the case of Digital Asset templates, if you’d like to supply an existing VO, this can be done under the “Audio Upload” field found under “General Design Choices.”

When finished with design options, hit “Submit.” (The template can be saved as a draft at this point if preferred, but our team will not start working on it until the Submit button is pressed. This is also where the setup fee for this template will occur).

After requesting a new video template, you will receive a confirmation email from our support team. In this email thread, you will receive a preview link to your video template within 5 business days. This link can be shared with your client for approval. Once the creative has been approved in the email thread, the template will be activated.

Additional note: If you want a more custom design to your video template, simply choose the “Custom Template,” option. With this selection you will have the option to fill out a “special requests,” text field, where you can innumerate your creative preferences for the template.