GMB - Cars For Sale Feeds (For Clients Sending The Feeds Directly To Google)

This program is still being piloted by Google and required Google approval for participation. To Get started in the program Google will ask you to complete this

Just to note at this time we have heard in many cases Google is very selective in its participant list and has been less than responsive about the acknowledgment of your interest in the program.

The approval process will start with providing Google A Single Dealership feed. This feed can be created in the custom feed section of our platform under the advertiser you wish to test. Once created you submit the feed-link in the portal Google will provide access to.

Create the feed:

The feed requires the use of the Google My Business Store Code. There is a section in the Advertiser Settings where this store cade can be placed. However, alternatively you you place the code in the feed settings when creating the feed.


Once the initial feed is approved, Google will ask you to submit a larger sample file. To create this consolidated feed you will need to first create individual feeds for all advertisers you wish submit.


Then navigate to the Custom Feeds Section in the left menu pane. Once there you can create a new “Agency Feed”, this link can be found in the top right corner of the display feeds page.


Then Create a feed with a custom name of your preference and us the format “Google My Business”, select applicable advertisers.


You have two options:

  • Include all - This will roll up all available GMB feeds inside the agency advertisers

  • Select the Individual Feeds you wish to include

Then submit the feed. This will create the feed link needed to download the inventory to your FTP Service. You must then set up your FTP export with the Google provided credentials to send to Google every 4 hours.

Hoot can set-up the export feed for you through our dev team support but you must still go through all of the required approval steps and pass us the FTP credentials.