GMB - Cars For Sale Feeds (Hoot Provided Service)

Hoot has now been approved as a participant in the Google Cars For Sale Program and can now submit inventory for advertisers who wish to have their cars presented in the Google Business Profile. Some Agencies were able to obtain a direct access to the program and those instructions can be found here. These instructions are for clients who do not have their own assigned FTP credentials to upload their clients data.

The process is simple:

You must obtain the advertiser’s Store Code that can be found in the info section of their GMB profile. By default these fields are blank and the code must be created. Although not officially stated we have found the only requirements is that the code must not start with “0” zero. Other info can be found here.

Once you have the code then place the code in the profile settings inside the Hoot interface.


Next Create the feed:

  • Open the inventory Feeds Page of your advertiser

  • Create the new feed seen here:

The feed requires the use of the Google My Business Store Code. There is a section that should already have this code in the Advertiser Settings. However (Not Recommended), alternatively you you place the code in the feed settings when creating the feed.


Once you submit and create the feed that is it. We will automatically add new advertisers when we process the feeds for Google. If any questions please contact our support team.

To Manage the Vehicles Listings on your Business Profile get help here: