General Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues with the HootVid interface, please see the following troubleshooting steps:


  1. Check your browser for extensions that might be negatively impacting the site.

    1. Ad blockers, screen recorders, dark mode, etc. (Mainly anything that can change the format of the page)

  2. Clear browser cookies/cache.

Most issues are solved via the first two methods. Proceed further if unsuccessful:

  1. Reboot your machine

    1. Computers are often left on for extended periods.

  2. Try accessing the HootVid interface on another computer or browser. If the issue cannot be replicated, then the issue is local, and cleanup/reinstallation is most likely needed with your tech team.


If the issue is still unresolved, it is most likely a bug. Please reach out to your account representative or for further support.