Advertiser Libraries

HootVid’s Advertiser Libraries provide users a repository for all ad assets. This utility will be a powerful way for users to collaborate and share advertiser assets within the HootVid platform. The following guide will give a quick overview of where and how to use the libraries.

Where Do I Find My Advertiser Library?


Advertiser Libraries can be easily accessed from the advertiser dashboard. Users will now see the “Library” button to the right of their advertisers.

Assets can include:

  1. Images

  2. Videos

  3. Audio tracks

How Do I Add To My Advertiser Library?


Adding assets to the library is accomplished in two distinct ways:

  1. When inside of the library, click the “Add Asset” button and select the file that you want added.

Keep in mind that only usable file types for ads can be stored currently.

  1. Ad assets are automatically added to the advertiser library when ads are saved/rendered. This provides all team members access to the assets used in the ads.

Assets can quickly be edited by selecting the “Edit” button, which will allow users to adjust the name and add a quick description of the asset.

How Do I Use The Assets In My Advertiser Library?

While inside of the video editor, users will see the “Use Library” button under every media element. Selecting this will enable users to select files that have been previously uploaded to the library.