HootVid Data Sources

HootVid provides support for most any data source that you might want to use. We can accommodate feed links to data scrapes (Hoot or non), Google Sheet links, Facebook Pages, and many more. You are not limited to a single data source per advertiser and are able to upload unlimited sources free of charge.

If you aren’t sure about support for a data source or the formatting of your URL, reach out to support and we will get you up and running!

Getting There

Within your advertiser dashboard navigate to the “Data” tab, here you will find options to add a new data source, preview/edit your existing sources, and manually re-fetch the data from your source at any time.

Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 10.18.43 AM.png

Adding A Data Source

  1. Click “Add Data Source” from within the Data Sources tab

  2. Give your source a name

  3. Choose the appropriate URL for your data source. This could be a Google sheet, Hoot data feed, Feed source of your choosing, or our new Facebook Page scrape.

  4. Choose if you want your data’s order to be randomized or serve into ads in the order that it is received.


Learn more about our Facebook Page scrapes Here and how to use Google Sheets Here.